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Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls Into The Cutest Bird Feeders With This Easy DIY

This is such a great idea!

Feeding birds can be both good and bad depending on a number of things. Obviously it’s good to provide birds with good and healthy food to eat, but it’s important that when you do feed birds, you’re making sure they have a clean place to eat to help prevent the spread of diseases that some birds carry.

There are tons of bird feeders on the market and you can possibly find one to match your aesthetic but if you want to save both time and money, it’s best to create one. Thankfully, Tiktok sustainable user @newlifestyle shows us how to create the cutest bird feeders using items we likely already have in our homes!


These bird feeders are so adorable! We love how we can reuse our empty toilet paper roll rather than simply throwing it away. All you have to do is gather some clean toilet paper rolls and use a pen or a hole punch to carefully puncture a little hole. Next, get some organic peanut butter with simple ingredients and take some bird seeds and put them on a plate. Roll the peanut butter toilet paper rolls and roll them over the bird seeds. Finally add a string through the hole, hang them outside wherever you’d like and enjoy watching the birds one to get a quick meal courtesy of your craftiness!

Judging by the comments, we may end up seeing these simple bird feeders every where! “FREAKIN love this idea,” @makeearthgreatagain wrote. “Love this idea! It would be so cute as wedding favors,” @livingplanetfriendly commented.

We’re loving how sustainable and simple this DIY is!