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Chicago Woman Shares Easy Hack To Keep Pea Gravel In Place

Oh, this is genius!

As homeowners, one of the easiest ways to instantly add curb appeal and increase your property’s value is by investing some time into your home’s landscape. While some landscaping projects are expensive (and worth it considering that it can add value to your property), not all landscaping options have to break the bank. As a matter of fact, some landscaping projects can be so cheap to do yourself, that it almost sounds too good to be true.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @diyplaybook. She recently uploaded a video showing us how she was able to keeper yard’s pea gravel in place using a rather inexpensive secret weapon!


As seen in the video, she uses Mulch Glue to ensure her pea gravel stays in place. To make this hack effective, she mixed one part glue to two parts water, before using a broom to level out the gravel to make sure it looked perfect. Next, to make the application process easier, she simply put the mixture in a garden sprayer and sprayed it all over the rocks. The mixture goes on white but dries up clear, which is perfect if you need to see which area you may have missed. After letting the first coat dry for an hour, she sprayed a second coat of the mixture.

What makes this yard hack even better, this mulch glue is non-toxic, both kid and pet-friendly, is permeable and allows water to easily move through it, and is supposed to last for 12 months so we’re curious to see how well it holds up! 

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