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Woman Makes Gorgeous Statement Wall Using Paper Mâché Letters and We're Shook

It's too easy and so cute!

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, creating a statement wall is always a great idea. The beauty of doing a statement wall is it doesn’t take much to actually do. You can simply paint a wall, apply wall paper or take a more creative approach and doing something a little different like TikTok content creator @ashleehowenstine.

She recently created the cutest statement wall using paper mâché letter and we’re stunned with how great it turned out!


To start off this simple DIY project, she painted the letters with black paint that perfectly matched the wall she intended to use as the statement wall. Next, she gathered a variety of supplies, including beads, different colored moss, rods, cut paper bags, string, twine and wood and hot glued each of the supplies on the letters that spelled out “Good Vibes Only.” To finish this project, she simply poked holes in the back of the letters and attached them to tiny screws in the wall. However, if you’re renting your space, you can easily use command strips instead.

We love this unique and stunning statement wall and are especially impressed with how easy it was for her to complete!