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This Vase Trick Is What You Need If You Want to Preserve It

Not sure how we never thought of this before!

There’s nothing like receiving a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers as a “just because” gift, for your anniversary or simply to as a heartfelt congratulations on a recent accomplishment you’ve made. Aside from their beauty and their natural pleasant scent, what makes receiving your favorite flowers even better, is when they’re housed in a beautiful decorative vase.

Beautiful vases always complement a lovely floral arrangement, especially from the outside of the vase, however, because vases contain the water that nourishes your flowers, over time the vase tends to get really dirty. Of course you can always clean the vase, but thanks to TikToker @athomewhillary, we found an even easier way to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of our vases with this simple trick.

As she mentions in the video, the trio is actually really simple. All you need to do is place a cup into the vase and then simply add water then your plant or flowers to the cup. That’s it! This trick is so simple and can still get the job done of nourishing your plant or flowers while also preserving your vase.

We love this easy tip!

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