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Family Comes Up With Brilliant Way to Store Water Bottles

Simple, brilliant and functional.

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When it comes to storing condiments or beverages, it can get a little crowded - a little too fast. Especially around the holidays. And if you don't have enough storage, you need to somehow improvise. 

TikTok account @therealryanbreaux shares in his video, a great way to store your water, beer, or whichever beverage you like - which doesn't require storing it on the floor. Let's check it out!

Pretty cool and sturdy design, according to the creator.

All that he used was pine wood - which is great for furniture, as it is pretty strong. The design is 2x8 and he cut the divider board ends at a 45-degree angle. 

If you don't have an extra storage room to install shelves like these and need to store cases of water bottles on your kitchen floor, you can at least cut it in half, so it won't take up too much room.

Let's find out what TikTok thought of this.

TikToker @bluecollarrobs commented,

"Awesome but that bottom board, I'd be sweating bullets not having a solid joint connection supporting that weight."

To which the creator replied that it is pretty strong.

Another person (@obxfshr76) also wondered how it's secured to the wall, and commented,

"Great idea, but I would be concerned with the weight. It would definitely need to be secured to the studs in the wall."

To which @therealryanbreaux replied,

"Naw stapled to the paneling. Strong as concrete."

Who knew?

And TikToker @rayraygotredbull posted,

"Simple and sweet design."

Yes, indeed!

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