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Woman Makes Easy Wedding Sign With Chicken Wire and We're Impressed

Every minimalist bride would want to do this.

Weddings are special and momentous occasions that are filled with love, happiness and plenty of good times and laughter. So it makes sense why a lot of brides put a ton of thought and effort into the planning to make it a memorable experience. However, you often have to dish out quite a few bucks to make it happen, unless you get creative.

While you may not be able to DIY everything at your wedding, there are some pieces to your wedding puzzle, that can be done by using your creative skills.

TikTok creative @_the_minimalist_mama_ just how easy it is to create your own wedding sign with this unexpected product - chicken wire.


Who would’ve thought chicken wire would be such a staple tool in this DIY? It elevated the minimalist design when the flowers were added and made the sign look so stunning. We love how she used minimum products to create the sign. All it took was PVC pipes, black spray paint, chicken wire, flowers, and a little yarn to hang the sign from the pipe and the final look is simply beautiful!

This is an easy DIY that just about any bride-to-be can do at your wedding. The best part is that it doesn’t require too much time to complete, so you're able to dedicate more time to planning other parts of your special day.