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This Is the Best Way to Clean Windows - No Going Outside Required

Bet you didn't know this!

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Cleaning windows has never been one of my favorite activities. In fact, when I was younger, I can remember getting the window cleaner out as well as some newspaper and, alongside my grandma, getting out and scrubbing each window top to bottom every spring and fall. She swore by the method, even though I personally, to this day, don’t know how effective the newspaper was!

But one thing I never knew, and which totally shocked me, was one quick and easy way that you could more easily clean your windows without ever having to take a step outside and it is all thanks to Kelsey of Newbuild_Newlyweds!


Kelsey and her husband Ryan have built their entire channel around how they are renovating their 1945 home for the modern era, and part of that includes cleaning things as best they can while updating other spaces. In a recent video she pointed out the fact that, with double pane windows, there is a super easy way that you can clean them without ever having to step outside which, in cold weather like what most of the country is seeing now, is a huge boon.

And, per the comment section, I’m not the only one who didn’t know this window trick.

So, not every window does this, but apparently it truly is a thing for most modern double pane windows. All you have to do is reach up, click a few of the panels (there should be spaces on the sides for this), and the window pane should fold inward, as in into the house, for you to clean both sides of the glass with ease.

Stunned? So was I. Kelsey states that both her top and bottom panes do this, but for some people only their bottoms have this feature. Knowing this will totally save you a ton of time and hopefully a lot of effort, and I hope you can more easily keep your windows to sparkling perfection now that I’ve passed the knowledge on!

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