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Woman Explains Why You Should Be Spending Your EBT Money On Plants

It’s all about getting good, healthy, and consistent nourishment.

In today’s society, many people everywhere have had to scale back as a way to be able to afford the increasing cost of living. Unfortunately, scaling back has impacted how people choose to eat, which means people are buying what’s affordable and what can last longer in their pantries and refrigerators, which is usually junk food. However, if you receive EBT money to help cut the cost of high grocery bills, there may be a better option for you and your family to receive heathy and nutritious food in abundance without having to constantly spend so much money at the grocery store.

TikTok user @rachelandtheriveters prosed a pretty good suggestion of using EBT money on plants to grow your crops because you’ll actually get way more bang for your buck!


We had no idea you can buy crop plants with an EBT card. This is so beneficial, especially if you’re already skilled with gardening. Rather than simply buying your fruits and vegetables from the produce section, you can buy the plants themselves and continue to grow in abundance, which will make your money stretch longer! The comment section is filled with people who agreed with this idea. “My nephew's wife got their entire garden with SNAP/EBT,” @minihavenhomestead wrote. “I bought fruit trees and grape vines on EBT 8 years ago and still enjoy them. You can also get vegetable seed.” @jayhill1715 commented.

The creator of the video also shared that stores such as Walmart participates with people purchasing plants with EBT. This is so awesome! Whether you receive EBT money or not, hopefully you’ll take advantage of the summer season to grow your own crops.