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These Five Steps Are All You Need to Create an Eco-Friendly Closet

These tips are genius!

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Transitioning to a more eco-friendly friendly household is more than swapping out kitchen and bathroom items and replacing them with more sustainable options; you’ll want try to transition as many areas in your household over time. And one area that is actually quite easy to start transitioning is your closet.

Thanks to TikTok DIYer @restyleliving, we have five tips that can help you approach the transition with ease.

The first step listed in this quick and helpful video is to start thrifting. She suggests thrifting is especially great for looking for something new without having to pay a hefty price tag. Additionally, with the cooler weather settling in, one of the easier pieces to thrift are sweaters because they don’t have fit perfect in order to look good.

The second step is to clothes swap with family and friends. With the new year approaching, now is the best time to purge and clean out your closet and get rid of things you haven’t worn in months. Doing this allows you to make room for what you may actually need.

Next, the content creator suggests repairing and rewearing items that aren’t too damaged. The good thing about this particular step is that you don’t have to be a professional seamstress to repair an item; simply doing what you can is good enough.

The fourth step is to look for more timeless staple pieces that you can wear for practically any occasion. Look for pieces that you can dress up or down.

Finally, replace your plastic hangers with hangers that are made from 100% recyclable plastics, such as the Re(X) hangers she has in the video.

Hopefully these helpful tips will make the eco-friendly transition easier for you!

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