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Ready to Maintain An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle? These Hacks Will Make It Easier

It's all about establishing a system…

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has become popular in the past few years for a few reasons. For starters, being eco-friendly means you’re betting the environment in many ways including lowering your carbon footprint when you reduce power consumption and your trash output, avoid wasting food and take advantage of more eco-friendly transportation. Additionally, being eco-friendly can also save you quite a bit of money as a result of lower food costs, a decrease in energy bills and being able to travel around in a more affordable fashion.

Clearly the benefits of living an eco-friendly lifestyle are there and if you want to take advantage, here are three hacks to help you maintain living a green and sustainable life, courtesy of TikToker @zerowastecartel.

As you can see in the quick video above, the hacks are fairly simple.

The first hack she suggests is to create a system to replicate your current habits to make the transition to “going green” easier. For example, place a basket next to your counter that holds your reusable paper towels so you can easily toss them after each use.

The second hack is to emphasize how some of these eco-friendly changes make life easier. For example, if you switch to shampoo bars, you no longer have to try and squeeze out the last few drops of your old shampoo out of a plastic bottle.

The third and final hack is to always make sure you stock up on the sustainable things you use the most to avoid backsliding into old purchase habits.

We love how these hacks are not only simple and quite easy to do, but are also hugely beneficial!

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