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Woman Explains Why You Should Toss All Your Eggshells Into Your Garden

The benefits are long-lasting!

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They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, but what about putting them in your garden, instead?

Before you toss out those used egg shells after preparing your breakfast, you may want to reconsider doing so, especially if you’re into gardening.

Turns out, egg shells are a multi-purpose item that are actually beneficial for your garden due to the calcium it contains that provides nutrients for the plants; however, you can’t simply toss the egg shells into the garden as-is.

As explained in the video uploaded by TikTok user @from_the_garden, if you simply empty the shells into your garden, it may be until the next growing season before your plants actually receive the calcium. Rather than waiting around for that process to occur, she provided an easier solution that’ll have your plants reaping the benefits of receiving the calcium supplement sooner rather than later.


In the video, she placed the dried egg shells in a mortar and pestle and made a fine powder. She then added one tablespoon of the egg shell powder into a jar before mixing it with one tablespoon of 5% white vinegar. The neutralization of the egg shells with the vinegar then caused a foaming reaction that then leaves a leftover of calcium acetate. After letting it sit overnight or no more than 24 hours, she takes one part of the mixture and combines it into a jug that contains 30 parts water.

Finally, all that's left is to spray the mixture onto the base of your plants and revel in the fact of knowing your plants are quickly receiving bioavailable calcium!