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Woman Creates Garden Made With Empty Pill Containers and It’s Hilarious

This is good for anyone's mental health!

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We've seen plenty of gardening ideas regarding small spaces, such as tiny bottle terrariums. When it comes to smaller plants like cacti and succulents, your options are endless. And whereas bottle terrariums are pretty standard, have you ever seen little plants grow out of empty pill containers? No? Me neither!

However, TikTok creator Sarah shows us how it's done. Let's check it out!

Aren't these cute? Any person who is on meds - or was on meds - would appreciate this - including myself.

As you can see in her video, she used all her empty prescription pill bottles to turn them into cute little plant pots for her cacti and succulent collection. That's certainly one way to recycle - or rather - upcycle them. And her "mentally ill" audio is more than fitting.

All you need is some soil specifically for cacti or succulents, you'd also need some succulents or cacti - of course, and gravel to top it off. I am sure you can find them as a kit on Etsy or at Home Depot, as these are pretty popular! Also, don't forget to insert a drainage hole into the pill container! 

TikTok loved it too, of course! Because it is relatable. 

As TikToker @theadrnvee7 commented,

"Live, Laugh, Lorazepam."

Certainly! Also, that's hilarious! 

I could see this hanging as some wall art at someone's home. This also goes hand in hand with what TikToker @kosmickush posted,

"Reduce, reuse, and recycle."

Makes sense!

Another TikToker (@king_alexis_145) wrote,

"Note taken on how to reuse my medication bottles."

I mean what other way is there? Better to reuse them than add more plastic to the environment.

And TikToker @udderlysally commented,

"This is incredible."

Indeed, it is.

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