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TikToker Gets Sweet Message After She Posts Her “Epic Fail” While Hanging a TV

And she gets some helpful tips too!

There is usually a right way, and a wrong way, to do things. We all know this by now, and unfortunately, sometimes doing it the wrong way can lead to some pretty disastrous results, or to an outsider, some hilarious ‘fails’.

Luckily for one TikTok’er, her DIY fail turned out to be a total win at the end of the day when one kind Handyperson decided to step in and give her a kind word and a helping hand.


When poor Enidalyy decided she was going to take matters into her own hands and hang up her wall-mounted television herself, she never could have expected that a) it would fail, and quite explosively so, or that b) she’d get all the attention afterward for said fail.

As she likes to point out, she only wanted to try and do something herself. Unfortunately, the screw anchors did not hold and the tv came plummeting down, screws (and some drywall) were still attached.

And while many laughed at the ‘epic-fail’, one kind soul stepped in to give her all the encouragement, and advice, that she needed. TikTok creator and handy-person Mercury Stardust’s kind voice is what we probably all need to hear when we’ve made a bit of an oops, and them saying that the original creator did such a good job simply by attempting such a chore herself warms our hearts down to the core.

As Mercury points out, at least Enidalyy tried, and she learned something along the way. She then walks Enidalyy through finding the studs in a wall (which we ourselves have found to be extremely tricky), and even teaches us how to use a magnet, instead of a stud finder, to find the screws that go through the stud. This handy trick is one we will for sure note down for later use.

So Mercury, thank you, so much, for taking the time out of your day to encourage a fellow creator to follow through on her project, and for showing us that there are still some really good people out there.