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These DIY Dollar Store Entomology Cloches Are The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

Okay, kind of creepy, but also really cool!

There’s just something special that happens when DIY and Dollar Store stuff comes together. We have seen some of the coolest creations come out of these combos, and the sheer creativity that some people have shown us is, to be honest, pretty astounding.

Case in point, did you know that you could make a totally cool entomology (that is bugs) themed cloche piece that is perfect for Halloween (or just about any other day, really) from a few things you could find at your local Dollar Store? Let’s talk about that!


Today’s super cool DIY comes to us from Ashley, and we highly recommend you go and check out her page because she her stuff is outstanding. In fact, it was hard to pick just one video to feature, but finally we landed on this one which, depending on where you fall when it comes to entomology, might either scare or impress you.

This Dollar Store DIY is, honestly, kind of simple to make but how good it looks makes it look way more elevated than some might realize. Ashley shows how, and where, to find all the stuff you would need to make something similar, including a few cloche bell jars, some plastic toy bugs of all shapes and sizes, and a few other bits and bobs that you’ll need to pull the look together. Grab everything you need and head back home!

Ashley starts off by stripping everything down, then spraypainting the bottoms of the cloches a bright gold to help make it look a little more ‘classy’. After all, if you’ve ever been to a museum or something similar, their displays are often brass or gold - right? So keep that in mind. Spritz your toy bugs as well to give them a uniform look, then attach a dowel to the side you won’t be seeing form the front.

Next, grab some craft foam and some faux grass and throw everything together, all hot glued to the top of the cloche’s lid. Stick your buggy-friend inside and voila - instant upcycled bug cloches! Of course you could also do something similar with a bunch of different animals, so go crazy with it and, most of all, have fun!