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Woman Incredibly Dupes a $1700 Table for Just $150

We can't really tell the difference…

As we get older, our priorities change. When we’re kids, we have to have the best toys, as teens, we like to have the latest fashion drops, and as adults, home pieces that reflect our style are what we choose to spend our hard-earned money on. Of course, when we’re looking for the best furniture pieces for our space, we don’t want to cut corners on quality. But what happens when we can’t really afford to drop a lot of cash on those high-caliber pieces? We DIY of course. The good thing is, there are so many videos on social media showing us how to recreate some of the most sought after furniture pieces on the market.

TikTok DIY expert @wonhaus has been taking us on their journey of renovating and DIY-ing their way through their first home. They recently shared how they saved over $1,500 by recreating an Eternity Modern fluted natural wood dining table, and their version looks like the real deal!


In the three-part video, she takes us on a journey of purchasing the multiple supplies, including the cylinder and dowels for the base and laminated pine for the table top. After sanding down and drilling the pieces together, she created a wooden support to place in the tube to keep the beautiful table from tipping and to give it more balance. The finished table looks so beautiful and unique! It’s definitely a natural statement piece, for sure!

Of course, her followers agree and flooded the comments with their support. “Love it! So cute,” TikTok follower @ohhomee said. “So cute!! You did amazing!” @jupiterbean echoed. TikTok viewer @diamondintherough said “Dope!! Yours looks exact!!”

Uhhh, we can’t help but agree! We’d definitely buy this table if they were selling it.