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Woman Makes Fabric Ceiling In Her She-Shed and It’s Super Dreamy

It makes it so soft and beautiful.

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There are many ways you can decorate a home, even if no paint is involved. You could - for example - use some shaggy rugs, as this interior designer did for her client's store. Just imagine the impossible and take the most unusual piece of material, and make it your own. 

This is exactly what TikTok creator Viktoria Velvet (@thevelvetbeat) did with her she-shed in her backyard, as she shares in her video. 


It looks quite dreamy like you're in a Spanish caravan. It also reminds me a little bit of Morocco or something from the Middle East. 

This look is easy to replicate, as all you need are a bunch of fabrics - which you can get at a fabric store or order them online - a staple gun or nails, and either fairy lights or string lights. And that's it. 

To attach them to the ceiling, you can either staple the corners of the fabric to the ceiling or nail them on gently. By only attaching the corners, you let the fabric flow freely. And lastly, you attach a bunch of light strings to make it even cozier. As you can see, she used every color of the rainbow, as well as added some with patterns, such as cheetah-print or flowers. Depending on the theme you're going for, your options are endless.

The cost for this DIY project can be inexpensive depending on how much fabric you are using and what kind of fabric, as quality varies in price. 

I know what I'll be doing next time I redo my apartment - add fabrics to the ceiling.