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Artist Uses Liquid Starch and High End Fabric Scraps to For a Unique Wallpaper

What a bold choice!

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Did you know that making a statement in your home can be super easy? In fact, you only need to do a simple DIY to really make a space totally pop! It could be something like adding a few floating lights, doing a really cute mirror wall, or any other sort of accent piece that draws the eye, and attention, of any visitors you have dropping by!

You could also take a page out of Kathryn Swanson’s page and turn any fabric scraps you have lying around into the perfect fabric slash wallpaper wall for a cheap, fun, and pretty easy decorating hack!


Now let me start off by saying that if you don’t love the idea of wallpaper, this may or may not be the hack for you. It involves plastering your walls with fabric rather than tack-on wallpaper, which some may love and others could absolutely detest.

So what you are going to need is fabric, lots of it, and some starch! You can grab large swatches, patches, squares, anything that looks good to your eye. Soak the fabric in some starch, let it soak it all up, then stick it to the wall. As it dries it should adhere perfectly, leaving you the perfect look faux-wallpapered look with the fabric of your choice!

Even better, with this you can reposition as you go! Have a scrap that just doesn’t ‘work’ where you put it the first time? Move it! As long as it isn’t fully dry yet, you can simply take it down, put another piece in its place, and move things around until you are happy with the final result. And if you ever want to pull everything down, just rub some water over the area, take it all down, give it a good scrub, and no one would be the wiser!

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