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Mom Shares How She Transformed Her House Into a Fairytale Cottage

It is all in the details.

Our houses are our respite - the place we retreat to at the end of the day to relax and replenish our spirits. But sometimes they don’t look exactly how we would like them to, say old-timey castles or cottages hidden away in the woods, but sometimes… every once in a while, someone out there gets to live their dream.


Take Avigail Adam, a TikTok creator who’s house wasn’t exactly fantasy-friendly. In fact, it was a relatively normal home that you would expect to see on any street corner or down any regular neighborhood. But it was enough to give her inspiration and she was able to take said ‘normal’ and turn it into the cottage-core fantasy home of her dreams with just a little bit of ingenuity and quite a bit of elbow grease.

Avigail suggests starting off with flowers and plants, and lots of them. As her video pans around her home, you can see that there is greenery and bright pops of color quite literally everywhere, including the ceilings. There are trails of ivy and hanging wisteria, dried flowers hanging in bundles and bushels from the corners of every room, and even small planted pots tucked away here and there.

As Avigail points out - the more flowers, the better. You can get real, fake, dried, even paintings or drawings. Seeds for fruits and veggies too, anything you can grow indoors is fair game here. The next step is branches - tons of them. Collect them whenever you are outside and let your creativity run wild, such as adding them to chandeliers, making artwork out of them, or even using stumps as table legs and thrifting wood-made goods.

Fairy lights and nature-inspired artwork are the last item on the list. Add lights wherever you can, hiding them if possible so you just get the faintest hint of a glow from out of the corner of your eye. As for artwork, the more colorful, but natural, the better. Get framed pictures of forests or trippy paintings of fairies dancing in the woods. If you are artistic and can make it yourself, even better. And don’t forget to surround yourself with anything beautiful you can find outside and bring back with you - a pretty flower, a gorgeous rock, even a piece of sea glass you found washed up on the beach.

In no time you’ll have your own fantasy-inspired interior, straight out from your dreams.