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This Fall Leaf Bangle Is the Perfect Autumn Activity For Kids

We might make one for ourselves!

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Have you been looking for a cute, fun little DIY craft project that you can do with your kiddos? Maybe they’re home from school for the day because of teacher in-service, or do you want something to keep them occupied over the weekend? 

Lucky for you, you can try many small crafts, ranging from making your own cute little stickers or taking advantage of the falling leaves outside to making your own autumn-themed bangle!


The creators over at KidsCraftBarn on TikTok have a ton of fun content you can watch and follow when it comes to making things for, or with, your children. And the best part about them is, most don’t need any unusual supplies and you probably already have almost everything you need already at hand.

Take today’s video, which uses fallen leaves from outside to make a cute little fall leaf bangle perfect for a short crafting session. You will first need to get together the items you will need, starting with some pretty leaves and even flowers, straight from outside. Take your kids out early in the morning and have them hunt for whatever they find to be the prettiest!

Next, get out the packing tape! You will want to use this tape because it is a little thicker and a little sturdier than regular tape, making it work a little better for these bangles. Cut the tape to size and lay it down on a flat surface with the sticky side pointing up. Then start laying out your various leaves and flowers, creating a pattern or just going crazy!

You will want to leave at least some small spaces here and there, because the next step is to add another layer of tape, sticky side down, on top of the bottom layer of tape and leaves. This step helps make sure the two pieces of tape stick to each other and hold the whole bangle together. Finally hole punch the two ends, put it on your or your kid’s wrist, and tie with a pretty ribbon! That’s it! The easiest and cutest fall-themed craft you can do today!