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Texas Woman Shows Us The Five Best Veggies To Plant In Early Fall

It's not too late to get your garden going!

It’s fall, ya’ll! And we are so glad that we can finally, officially, say that! And while you may be thinking it is about time to pull up all of the delicious fruits and veggies for your final harvest, did you know that you could actually be planting a garden right about now?

This, of course, does depend on where you live! We have some handy tips from one south-central Texas gardener on exactly what you could be planting to get ready for fall, and that you can use if you live in a similar area!


Texasgardener and TikTok creator FromTheGarden is an amazing channel to follow for tips and tricks to help you with your own planting season, and today she is covering what those in zone 8b can still plant and have a mighty fine harvest over the next couple of months.

Of course those in 8b are pretty lucky - we don’t usually get a lot of harsher winter, at least not for a while longer, meaning our planting season is a little more extended than some of the more northern areas of the country. So what exactly are these fall-friendly veggies?

To start - summer squash! As this creator points out, summer squash is a vine-growing veggie, and it matures relatively quickly in comparison to other veggies, even its cousin the winter squash. They’re also super nutritious and taste delicious, so added bonus!

But what if you don’t like squash, what else could you plant? How about some bush beans? Also fast growing and fast to mature, these are another fantastic option for your fall garden. Basil, carrots, and a few more veggies round out the list, so we highly recommend you go check out the rest of the video if you are interested in finding out more!