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Cute Pumpkin DIY Is Perfect for Farmhouse Style

This is so cute.

Autumn is the season of everything orange and pumpkin, and yes even they are orange. But pumpkins and fall decorations don't necessarily have to be orange, like this jack-o-lantern planter. It is still cute though. 

Also, it doesn't have to be scary and ugly, it could also be cute and pretty like TikToker @homegoodiys shows us in her video. 


It certainly does add some nice aesthetics to the room with a hint of fall, without being cliche or over-the-top. You'll need some round glass jars, rope, strong glue - such as hot glue - fake fall leaves, some fairy lights, and a faux candle. All you need to do is wrap the rope around the glass jars, representing the ribs of a pumpkin, secure it with glue, then glue on a few fake leaves, and wrap the rope around itself to represent the stem. Lastly, put it over the fairy lights and faux candle, like a lantern. This decoration can be placed indoors or outdoors, and the fairy lights and faux candle usually last for a while. You could also add some spray paint or a hint of spray paint if you think these are a little too plain-looking. 

As you can see, they can be customized to your liking but regardless they'd make a great alternative to the standard pumpkin or general Halloween decoration. 

We're totally in love with this hack!