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This 17-Year-Old's Farmhouse Set Furniture Flip Is Too Good

She makes this look so easy!

Furniture flipping isn’t the easiest thing to do considering it not only requires a good pair of eyes to see the potential in an old piece of furniture, but it also requires a certain amount of skill to be successful at transforming the furniture pieces. We’ve seen quite a few stunning transformations, but this latest furniture flip from 17-year-old Angela Rae of @raesrestorations is very impressive!


To transform this three-piece farmhouse furniture set, she simply removed all the contents from the drawers, as well as the drawer handles. Next, she used an orbital sander to sand down the furniture pieces before spraying the drawers with primer and painting the furniture set with chalk paint in the color ‘dark walnut’ by Varathane. To get rid of the wood design on the three pieces of furniture, she used Bondo Wood Filler. Finally, to finish the project, she sealed with Varathane Polyurethane in ‘satin.'

The final white and brown look of the furniture set looks great and unsurprisingly, folks in the comment section were extremely impressed with this stunning transformation! “omg so pretty,” TikTok user @kmaclaren91 wrote. “Gorgeous!! Great job,” another TikTok user commented. “Looks amazing,” @ashleykaye624 shared.

We agree, however, we’re not sure what to be impressed with more, the fact that a 17-year-old did the entire furniture flip on her own or the furniture flip itself? She did a great job!