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Woman’s Faux Stained Glass Has Everyone Fooled

Can you believe this isn’t real?

Stained glass is a classic look in many older buildings and houses. You can catch sight of these beautiful pieces anywhere from old churches to modern buildings, but the unfortunate fact is often they come with a high price point.

So what is the typical homeowner to do? They want something that looks gorgeous and have landed on stained glass as ‘their thing’, but they can’t afford to drop a ton of money to have something custom created and installed. 

Well, you can do what this one creator did and save yourself both time, and money, and get your own faux stained glass windows in less than an hour!


Elly, from over on TikTok, is a homeowner who has never really liked the look of the windows in her kitchenette area. The windows themselves overlook a view that isn’t necessarily the prettiest, and the shape makes them hard to decorate. 

So, to both update and innovate, Elly turned to faux stained class stick-on window film. This film, which comes straight from Amazon and can be easily cut down to whatever size you need it to be, is the perfect way to add a beautiful, new look to even older or dingy windows (or to hide views that aren’t exactly on par with what you’re hoping for.)

Elly shows us exactly how easy it is to put the window film on - the whole process just involves stripping the window of its old film, tacking on the new (and absolutely stunning) stained glass window film, then trimming the sides down so there isn’t any excess hanging off. She even says that this particular film, perhaps because it is a little bit on the thicker side, was incredibly easy to apply and gives a few helpful tips for said application.

One tip is to actually use a credit card to help slide the exacto knife down the side of the window film which will not only make the process quicker but will also keep you from accidentally nicking the film itself. 

The end result is stunning, and we highly encourage you to go look for yourself (and maybe even try it on your own windows as well!)