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Mom Makes Gorgeous Faux Indoor Tree For Just $30

Never pay big bucks for a faux tree again.

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Being a mom isn’t the easiest considering the sometimes long list of to-dos we typically try to complete in a day’s time. We juggle caring for our kids, cooking, cleaning, working and that’s only a fraction of what some mom’s do daily. However, despite how busy we are, we’ll somehow manage to add something else to our to-do list, especially when it’s a fun DIY project that’ll make for a cute home decor piece as well.

And that’s exactly what DIYer and mom of three @makingseamisthome did when she created a stunning faux tree using real tree branches and imitation leaves that she bought on sale!


While taking her baby for a walk, she hilariously dragged along the perfect tree branch she found to use for the project. She then placed the big tree branch into a thick piece of foam before hot gluing the faux eucalyptus leaves she purchased from Micheals and painting them to blend in seamlessly with the real tree branch. Lastly, she cut a piece of cardboard into a circle to fit the wicker planter and glued a piece of moss matting on top to disguise the foam.

The result is stellar! We can’t tell that it’s fake.

“It looks great! I love the moss glued to cardboard idea!!!” said TikTok user @SarahRichards263. Another TikTok user @itsjessicastone commented "This. Is. GENIUS!!! I’m going to make ALL the trees now! Lol.”

Honestly, same!