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Here’s How to Make a $10 Faux Fern Planter for the Porch

It looks amazing!

Does anyone else ever forget to water their plants?

We’ve done it, and we know there are many of you out there who do the same. There’s no fault in it, and luckily we’ve got plenty of workarounds for that fact, including faux plants! But sometimes they can look a little too fake, and that is against the original intention of getting faux plants in the first place!


Thankfully, creators like Heather from TikTok are around to show us creative ways of sprucing up faux plants to make them look alive enough to fool even eagle eyed visitors. And all it takes is a couple of items from Walmart (or which you can also probably find from dollar stores.)

So for this ‘hack’ you will need to head to the store and grab some faux ferns. The ferns you can find at most dollar stores or Walmart typically come in either a full growth (which you want to avoid), or single stems. These stems are what you want, as the full growth typically is what looks more fake, and what you will have a hard time adjusting.

Then you will need some planters. You can typically find good looking planters for cheap, or even reuse or thrift old planters that you already have. Put a foam block in the center, then arrange the stems within using the foam block to make sure that they are held upright. The good thing about even faux ferns is that they can be more easily arranged, and they don’t have flower petals, which is often what looks the most fake.

After arranging the planter to your liking, just stick the entire setup wherever you want it to go - Heather uses it as a small bit of inviting greenery right beside her door, and voila - a lovely little accent piece, without the need for watering!