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Watch Woman Make Gorgeous Faux Fireplace Out of Boxes to Hang Her Stockings On

Just don’t try to roast chestnuts.

We all know by now exactly how cozy fireplaces are. And while many of us would absolutely love to add them to our own homes, sometimes it simply is not all that practical. At least, it wasn’t until someone like Kali from over on TikTok comes up with a brilliant way to create a faux fireplace that we can add to our own home, no fire required!


To start off this DIY you are going to want to grab yourself some boxes, neither too big nor too small. Figure out what space you are going to use as you want somewhere open to really push that faux fireplace look, and stack your boxes up in a pattern to mimic the outside of a fireplace.

For Kali, this means three boxes tall and three long, with two interior boxes missing where the ‘fire’ of the fireplace would go. A little bit of tape will hold everything together, so lean it against the wall and make sure you’ve gotten your proportions correct. From there grab some stick-on tiles that look like brick and carefully apply it to the front, sides, and top of your boxes. The better you apply this, the better the whole look will come together, so pay attention when you are overlapping edges.

From there, add some garland up top, create a faux fire with some more coiled lights and fake logs or more ‘bricks’ at the bottom, and hang up some stockings for that little bit of added flare! You can also add things like pictures, mini trees, or anything your heart desires because you don’t have to worry about it actually setting anything on fire!

And that is literally it! For the price of a few boxes, some stick-ons, and a bit of time and effort, you too can have a cute faux fireplace just in time for the holidays!

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