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This Brilliant Landscaping Hack Easily Upgrades Your Yard

No green thumb? No problem…

Both your front and backyards are extensions of your home and deserve just as much attention and care as the inside of your house. Depending on the type of landscaping you do to your yards, it can also increase the value of your home. We understand that landscaping can get pretty expensive based on your style and ideas, unless of course, you find a good DIY.

Interior Designer Gilla Leigh recently uploaded a video to TikTok showing us the best landscaping hack that’s both cheap and instantly transforms your yard into a beautiful space that will fool everyone!


This hack is so genius! For those who aren’t experienced in gardening but yearn to have a yard filled with amazing plants and flowers, this is the perfect yard hack! Just be sure to remove and tags from the faux lowers and green plants, apply a clear protective spray to maintain the healthy-looking appearance of the plants and you’re good to go!

The comment section was filled with viewers who appreciated this hack and provided additional tips. “Yes! I do this but make sure to use Krylon UV resistant clear matte spray! I've had my plants in the same planter since 2019 and they have not faded!” @mommy_salami81 mentioned. “To those saying “we know” We don’t actually care if you know, It just looks nice.” @heather_bg2 wrote. “LOL my sister does this! she does have the most beautiful yard, though! Haha,” @wisco.girl414 commented. “And i just decided I’m going to try gardening! something tells me this time ima gonna get it right!” @dennahall wrote. LOL.

We love how this DIY is so effortless and it’s perfect for those who currently lack a green thumb!