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Woman Makes Faux Stained Glass Window and It Looks Like the Real Deal

We never would have known…

Sure, it’s beneficial to invest in quality home renovations, but sometimes budget doesn’t always allow it or you simply would like to spruce up your temporary space. And you know how the saying goes “fake it ‘till you make it,” so in some cases, you won’t necessarily be committing a faux pas if you opt to commit to a great inexpensive DIY project that can yield results that look just as good as the real deal.

Inspired by a beautiful bright-colored floral image, one woman decided to give her door window a little DIY makeover which is perfect for her rental space.


The skater turned unintentional DIY hack TikToker @annaskates2u began with tracing the window with tracing paper before using an X-ACTO to carefully cut the thick plastic to fit the tracing paper. Using her tablet, she then traced her chosen floral design onto the plastic and then proceeded to outline the design with black glass paint. Afterwards, she mixed the different acrylic paints with clear washable glue and cautiously painted the design, filling in blank spaces with clear glue and opting to keep the tiny clear bubbles which ended up looking like beautiful rain droplets. Finally, using double-sided clear tape, she fitted the beautiful pieces back into their places on the window.

We have to say, the faux stained glass looks so gorgeous, we’d take this version any day!