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This Faux Spiderweb Stained Glass Window Will Fool Any Passerbys

It looks so cool!
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Pull out the witches brooms, the eire black candles candles, and the beautifully carved pumpkins, its spooky season. Decorating for Halloween is one of the best holidays to create DIY decor, with some of the top designs involving ghosts, monsters, and spider webs.

We love some good DIY spider web decor, and perhaps one of our new favorites is a beautiful mock stained glass spider web window art that @theholyhourr crafted. 


This window art is unlike any Halloween spider web we have seen before, the end result is so breathtaking that it deserves to stay up much longer than the Halloween season. The woman puts a foggy glaze over the window and then stencils on a cob web design. With black glass paint she traces her spider web design and removes sections of the foggy glaze to reveal a beautifully crafted faux stained glass spider web window. 

She used easy to find supplies and if you wish to create something similar but don't trust your drawing capabilities you could easily use a print out of a cob web found online to trace

Her comment section was filled with “oooo’s” and “ahh’s” as viewers admired her design. Many suggested it would be neat to add colored film to some of the sections like traditional stained glass so when the sun hits the web it reflects rainbow patterns.

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