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Woman Makes “Boring” Laminate Countertops Look Like Real Wood

Can you tell the difference?

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Many of us have had to deal with some sort of laminate in our household, especially since it's such a popular and cheap option for most spaces. But luckily there are plenty of clever ways to either upgrade your old laminate into something new or at least fix it up so it has a great new look - all without breaking your budget!

Let’s dive in and see how one woman completely transformed the look of her old laminate cabinets using only a bit of paint, a stencil, and some patience!


Today we are touching base with Lia from SouthernYankeeDIY from over on TikTok. She’s got a ton of amazing down-home Southern remedies for common DIY problems or decorations to spruce up your own house. But in this particular video, she is showing off how she pulled a switcheroo with her laminate countertops and made them not only look like new, but like real wood!

First Lia preps the laminate - getting it squeaky clean before lightly sanding the countertops so that there is something for the paint to stick to. A coat of primer goes down next before the real fun begins. You’ll want to lay down the gel paint, run it over with a wood-graining tool, then Lia recommends putting down another coat of gel paint. The last step is to wrap everything up with some sealer, just to lock in those colors.

Looking forward to upgrading your own laminate? Lia shares in the comment section that she used the Retique It Countertop Kit in the color Barn Wood. The kit comes complete with everything that you need to create a faux wood grain, including a wood-graining tool, so check it out and try it for yourself!

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