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Woman Creates Perfect Wood Look Using a Sock and We Are Stunned

If we did this it would look like something... but not wood!

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I know that I have featured today’s TikTok creator a few times in my writing. And every single time she does something new, I am astounded once again. This woman is the one that uses a sock, yes, a literal sock, in her hand-created wall paintings, and the results, each and every time, are enough to make my jaw drop.

So today, let us drop in one more time with creator Tisha Aragon as she manages to, once again, blow our minds with her creativity and talent.


Let me start off by saying that I love a good accent wall. But for me, this usually means slapping up a color that normally wouldn’t be expected on a wall. Maybe if I am feeling particularly enthusiastic and DIY’ey that day, I could maybe come up with enough energy to add a backsplash or some painting that I think looks cool.

But Tisha takes all of this to a whole new level, creating beautiful murals and wall paintings that look like they belong in an art gallery somewhere. And in this video, she manages to create a faux-wood painting that, dare I say it, looks as good, if not better, than the real thing!

Everything from the colors chosen for the ‘wood’ to the elegant diamond pattern that she has chosen, all of it works together to create a rustic vibe that I would have spent hours trying to replicate using plywood and a band saw! And the fact that it is paint, and a sock as a brush, only makes this look even more mind blowing!

And of course commenters are raving below the video, with many exclaiming that they wish they had half of Tisha’s ability, while others say that if they attempted something even close to this, they’d wind up with ‘dookie’ walls. I kind of fall in that category, so I’ll just sit back and admire from afar!

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