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These Faux Wood Beams Look So Real They Have Everyone on TikTok Totally Fooled

It totally tripped us up!

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The old saying "fake it 'til you make it" has a bit of merit to it. After all, sometimes the best results come from getting into the thick of it and figuring out the best way in real time. Nothing could be more scary or more true when taking that approach to design oriented home renovations. For every few failures, there is bound to be at least one success story. We may have just discovered the mother of all dupes thanks to the brilliant DIYers on TikTok.

Amy, the design maven behind @modernfarmhouseglow on TikTok wanted exposed wooden beams to really give her home that rustic feel. In case you haven't visited a lumberyard in a bit, the price of wood right now is astronomical. So, she got creative, and the result? Some pretty convincing wooden beams.


That's right y'all, these beans are made out of foam, as in the lightweight packing material often jammed into your Amazon box orders. She got them professionally done, so they were given a custom paint job to match her flooring and were also meticulously carved and stained to imitate real wood. Each beam weighs about five pounds and was easily mounted with long screws and glue. This makes the build less messy, less time consuming to install and most importantly less expensive.

If you think that these faux wooden beans are impressive, you'll probably be doubly delighted to know that they aren't limited to solid beams. You can replace mantels, make faux trusses, and arched beams.

Plus, they are impervious to rot, mold and deterioration so they have very little maintenance. Sadly she got hers from a custom maker in Phoenix but she generously provided similar dupes, like this Wayfair one, that costs only $149, in case you're feeling inspired!