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Here’s How to Properly Remove Felt From Drawers

It works like a charm!

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Have you ever sat down to flip that pretty old table or cabinet you got off of the Facebook marketplace, only to come across something you weren’t expecting? Maybe it is some paint where you were not expecting it or the dreaded felt… Yes, felt, in cabinets, which just so happens to be the bane of many a flipper’s existences.

Luckily if you’ve faced a cabinet filled with felt, TikTok creator Katie Scott has the perfect trick for getting it out and getting you back on track when it comes to restoring those bad boys!


So, I’ve got a question… Why did people ever start putting felt in cabinets? Okay, to be fair, I sort of know why. They hold things in place and keep them from clinking around when you slide the drawers shut, but surely there are better ways to deal with said issues than simply gluing a whole section of felt into those cabinets!

As Katie also points out, and now I can’t help but think about it, you only have to imagine all of the old crumbs and hair caught in that felt over the years and you’d be wanting to get it all out of there ASAP too!

For this essentially you are going to want to get a bucket filled with tap hot water then pour it in over the felt and let that really sink into the felt. Dump that after it has set for a while then lay it out to dry. This also allows the felt to soak up a bit more of the remaining water, leeching it out of the surrounding wood. Doing so should allow you to go in with a paint scraper and simply peel the felt right out as it should have mostly melted any leftover glue!

Finish it off with a little sanding to get any leftover little bits up, drop in and buff out a bit of furniture wax, and voila - like new cabinets!

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