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Grandmom Gifted Her First Very Own Room In her Entire Life

She was beyond thankful.

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The holidays are the perfect season to spend time with family, and sometimes that means taking in some family members to care for, especially when they're older. Such as parents, or grandparents. Because you never know, grandma might gift you with a new house next Christmas. 

TikTok creator Harmoni Linai knows how important family is, and as a thank you, she surprised her grandma with something so heartfelt. Let's find out what!

This is so sweet!

Look at her reaction. It's so pure and genuine. The reason why her granny never had her own room is because she grew up with eight other siblings in a two-bedroom house. There was never enough space or privacy. Then she got married, had kids, and went through a lot of hardships.

Sad story but with a happy ending. 

Which TikTok loved too.

TikToker @evaydahmoe wrote,

"You can tell she has taken care of everyone else."

Yes, especially if she was one of the oldest children. I could imagine, she had to help out and help raise her siblings or help out in the household with cleaning and cooking. 

And TikToker @haylojones wrote,


Definitely. People often forget that, especially around the holidays. It's not always about expensive gifts but more so about small gestures. 

Another person (@crissish) posted,

"That room is slamming!! Its gorgeous!"

It sure is, and it seems like granny isn't planning on leaving her bed anytime soon. 

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