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Colorado Woman Makes Backyard Pond For Under 5$ (And You Can Too!)

You are absolutely going to want to try this yourself!

Did you know that you could do a really cool backyard transformation with very little money? It’s true! You may have thought that adding a pond or similar water feature would cost you quite a bit of cash, but one cool mom shows us how with just five dollars and a little bit of ingenuity, you too can have a really neat mini pond in your yard!


This backyard DIY is the brainchild of Jerrica Ketcherside, and we are in love. She starts by clearing up a space in her backyard for where she wants the pond to go, which will probably be one of the most labor-intensive parts of this whole process. You will want to make sure there is nothing left in the area that could poke through a tarp, as that is what you will be laying down to create the basis for your new water feature. You also need to rake the area into a relatively flat area so that you have a good and firm flat base.

Now this is the part where Jerrica got a little bit lucky, as she’s collected large rocks from the surrounding area (and her father’s house), to help support the outside of the pond. If you have access to large rocks then this is where you will save the most of your money. Ask friends and family if they have large rocks, and the flatter the better.

Lay down a ring of rocks until you have a nice shallow area, then lay down a tarp- which is what holds the water in, and as long as you have the rocks, will be your main purchase. Tuck the tarp into place and add more rocks, bringing the level of the pond up as well as hiding the tarp as much as possible. You could seal it, if you wanted to, but this isn’t required per Jerrica’s own video.

All that is left is to fill up your pond and enjoy!