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This Is How You Can Get a Clean Bathroom Within 5 Minutes

So easy!

Many of us procrastinate cleaning our homes because it could take all day or at least a few hours, and who has time for that? But cleaning can be made easy by using one main ingredient for many household tasks.

Even the bathroom can be cleaned within less than 10 minutes, according to CleanTok creator Carolina Mccauley (@carolina.mccauley), as she shares in her video. 

If it only takes about 5 minutes, certainly sign me up. 

And if you haven't already done so, definitely check out all of Carolina's other videos, as she is the queen of CleanTok. Her hacks will not only help you save money but also time cleaning. Because who has time to waste when you could do other things with your free time, like treat yourself to a spa day with your girlfriends?

For this one, grab yourself a pair of those dish wands, some dish soap, and white vinegar, and scrub away. Keep in mind that the ratio Carolina uses is 50/50. 

Apparently, this mix removes hard water stains! No way! But we certainly love a shiny bathroom.

So does TikTok. 

One TikToker commented,

"I was today's years old...This is genius!"

It certainly is.

Another person said,

"My soap and vinegar solidified in the wand when I tried this."

Oops. That is weird and unfortunate but I am also not a chemist, so I can't tell if that's normal. We just have to try it and see for ourselves. 

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