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Here’s How To Fix Chipped Or Peeling Laminate On Cabinets

This is a good tip to keep in your back pocket.

If you live in an old house or apartment, chances are some things need to be updated. However, what the recent pandemic has taught many of us, is that waiting for maintenance can take forever, and being self-sufficient is the way to go. So the world turned to TikTok for some answers on how to become a DIYer.

TikToker Nina (@strawberry.road) definitely has some answers, as she shows us in her video how to give old cabinets a new look.


It looks brand new and better than before. The most satisfying part of this video is the moment when she peels off the old laminate. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets don't have laminate but latex paint you can also easily remove them with a heat gun. After cleaning the drawers of your cabinets, you can give them a fresh new look with paint. The material of Nina's cabinets was MDF, so it takes paint well. She first gave the drawers two coats of primer and sanded them down in between, then added two coats of paint, and finished them with a clear gloss. Nina also added some sound-dampening bumpers and it seems better than ever. Make sure that before you start your project, to remove all handles, as it will make your job easier. 

If you're planning on giving your kitchen a new look regardless, this is also a great base for a complete makeover including a different color, as long it is within your rental agreement. We are certainly impressed with the outcome.