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So Apparently Flex Seal Works Amazingly at Preventing Your Household Items From Shedding

The viral hack we never knew we needed!

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Ahh the power of content creators across social media; they’re aways teaching us something and we love it. Between earning about simple hacks and quick DIYs, social media has us covered with simplifying our homes and lives one hack and DIY at a time.

Today’s hack you’ll want to add to your list of “handy helpful hacks” is courtesy of TikTok content creator @alifebetterorganized and is so simple and yep, you guessed it — extremely effective!

Do you see how well Flex Seal works at preventing certain items in your house from shedding? Now, while you can’t spray your beloved fur baby with this spray to stop them from shedding, you can use it on your door mat that tends to lose its’ fibers with daily foot traffic and on plants that tend to shed easily such as Pampas Florals. Spraying these items with Flex Seal adds a protective layer and because it’s a heavy protectant, you only need to spray a little.

She also mentions in the caption of the video that Flex Seal does a great job wt waterproofing boots.

Brb — on our way to go pick some up for ourselves!

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