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Woman Installs Genius “Floating Table” Behind Sectional

And we’ll be stealing this idea thank youuuu.

Sectionals are both nice and convenient, especially if you want enough seating for hosting events or if you simply have a larger family. The downside to sectionals is that because they come in pieces, they sometimes separate from each other when doing something as simple as sitting down or because of the angle of the sectional, it may not flush against the wall.

And these small issues were exactly what TikTok content creator @visitvillegas was dealing with regarding her sectional until she found a simple solution by creating a “floating table” behind it. This simple solution is genius!


Although this project took her a year to complete, we’d say it’s definitely worth it! Because she built herself, she was able to customize it to fit perfectly snug between the sofa and the wall. She opted to put legs on the table to ensure its’ stability, but she managed to create it to where it appears to be floating. What’s even better, she won’t have to worry about the pieces of the sectional separating from each other since she now has the floating table.

This is such a genius idea and just like her followers and viewers in the comment section, we love how she created this custom table!