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Woman Saves Furniture From Flood Damage With Home Depot Industrial Buckets

Simply genius

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It’s been a couple of weeks since Hurricane Ian caused major damage throughout the state of Florida and for the survivors of the tropical storm, many of them are left to face with a long emotional road to recover from.

There are, however, survivors of Hurricane Ian, such as TikTok user @wakeupmaggies, who were not only fortunate enough to survive the storm, but managed to salvage their furniture as well. Before the storm officially hit her area, she used Home Depot buckets to lift majority of her furniture and thankfully that worked amazingly!


As you can see in the video, she used several buckets to lift furniture items such as her sofas (which she also used to hold some electric items) and her dining room table to avoid getting water damage, and thankfully, none of the furniture pieces were we from the flood waters. She then used the same buckets to dry out her water damaged baseboards and they buckets yet again, worked!

Her followers were very curious to see how this worked and were happy to find out that the managed to save her furniture. “So many people were hating on this idea but I’m so happy it saved your furniture,” @jamieemcqueen wrote. “This is some master planning!! Good for you,” @jacrose8 shared. “Yea I'm so glad to see it worked and that you didn't lose all your furniture,” @leximcarpenter23 commented.

We’re happy that the buckets worked out for her considering the amount of damage Hurricane Ian caused throughout Florida. This was such a great idea!