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This Cleaning Hack For Mopping Floors is Genius

Never buy mop refills again!

As much as I love having a carpet-free home, I despise how often I need to mop. Between having a busy family and a dog that sheds quite a bit, the need to clean the floors is strong. Over the years, though, I’ve grown to appreciate the simplicity of Swiffer Wet Jet Mop and how I can keep my floors relatively clean in-between deep cleans.

However, the only downside to using a mop with disposable refills, is it can be a bit wasteful and depending on how often you mop and how big your space is, the cost to replace the refills can dd up quickly. Thankfully, Holly of TikTok account @healingwithholly22 gives us the best and easiest hack that not only save us some money, but is extremely effective! Check out how she does it in the video below!


This is such a genius hack! All she did was place a Cacasde dishwashing tablet in a bucket of water and add a couple of microfiber towels into the water. Next she removed the towels from the bucket and proceeded to wring out the access water before attaching the towel to the Swiffer mop and switching out the towels as needed while mopping. After she finished mopping the floors, she simply washed the towels in the washing machine.

Viewers took to the comments to show their appreciation of this simple hack. One follower even shared another awesome cleaning hack that complements this one. “I do this with dryer sheets it gets the hair in the bathroom,” @lorraine_patricia shared.

We will definitely add both of these cleaning hacks to our #cleantok arsenal!