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Man Transforms Crack In Floor Tile Into Art

Wow! That’s definitely an upgrade.

Hopefully, this has never happened to you, but you’ve probably at least noticed a broken tile floor. It is an unfortunate part of that type of flooring and no matter how careful you are with them, they’ll likely develop a crack or two over time.

So how do you fix it? Well, you could keep spare tiles on hand so that when they do crack you can pull it up and fix it, or you could replace the entire floor completely. Another thing you could try is this really cool alternative from one TikTok creator!


IdeaTimes over on TikTok is a channel dedicated to just that - ideas. The creators here take a lot of crazy or off the wall ideas and turn them into something that is surprisingly functional. Take today’s video where they are faced with the issue of a broken tile floor. Now, you might expect this creator to pull up the floor or maybe paint over it, but instead they go the complete opposite route.

They wind up breaking it even more!

That’s right, this creator takes the cracked floor, maps out a larger section in an octagon pattern, then cracks the rest of the tile to fit inside that new shape. He then removes all the cracked pieces from therein and pours in a bit of concrete. Using a few tools, he then creates more patterns. Now this step actually is necessary as well, because he uses those patterns as a guide when he starts filling the entire section back in with the broken bits of tile!

Essentially what is going on here is that the original creator is making a sort of mosaic on the floor, along with a few other broken items to help add some colorful contrast. The whole pattern eventually takes shape under his hands, and the end result is something that looks far, far nicer than broken tile or even the original! Some mosaic sealant then a final coat and voila - a great looking floor without having to pull up everything!

Would you try something like this if it was your floor?