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People Are Losing It Over These 'Tattoos' Made From Fresh Flowers

Forget the bouquet, these gorgeous arrangements will make a statement at any wedding or prom.

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Flowers are nature's decor. Each one contributes to a specific aesthetic, each with their own meanings and personalities that completely impact events. Flowers can even influence fashion. Of course we aren't simply talking about floral patterns, we mean living, breathing flowers like the ones used at proms or weddings. A beautiful bouquet can transform any event or outfit.

But if the standard ways of accessorizing with flowers just doesn't do it for you, may we suggest "flower tattoos' instead? 


These genius creations are from TikToker Syd Nichole (@sydnicholestyle) and they are like corsages that adhere to your skin. Using athletic tape, Nichole arranges mini bouquets to fit the color scheme and theme of her client's events that look like they are 3-D tattoos.

Nichole's followers were floored at how fluidly they moved and how complimentary they could be to overall themes and motifs. A few commented that they'd make for the perfect sub-ins for prom or even wedding bouquets. 

"This for a Wedding? Prom? Renaissance Faire? Coachella?? This is beautiful," raved one follower. 

This isn't first rodeo with fashionable flowers. She's all about making real florals the trending item, and even has a few cool headwear pieces like headbands and hats that incorporate fresh blooms. Typically she said in the comments that they last about 24 hours, and can be prolonged by sticking them in the fridge.

And for anyone saying "just use faux flowers," while that will certainly last you longer, these floral tattoos really shine because of the strategic use of real ones. We have a feeling this is going to be all over the wedding scene soon!