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Artist Creates Beautiful Chessboard Using Flowers and Epoxy and We're Stunned

This is absolutely stunning

Being a great chess player requires a certain amount of skill that although it can be learned, it takes a lot of practice to keep up with maintaining such skills. Some of us aren’t the best at playing chess simply because we’re not interested or just don’t know how to play, therefore, it’s highly likely we’ll walk pass those park tables with the built-in typical checkered chessboard, unless of course you came across this one-of-a-kind stunning chessboard designed by artist and TikTok content creator @tk.fareed. It’s magical!


In the video, the artist transformed a black chess/checkerboard that she received from Sculpted Panels, and used a couple of containers of epoxy that she dyed both black and white to create the black and white checkered design. Next, she used a tweezer tool to carefully apply colorful pressed flowers into each square of the chessboard before applying a clear epoxy resin to seal the design. Next, she used paper clay and stencils to create flowers the she glued on the corners of the chessboard frame before carefully covering the chessboard and spray painting it black. Finally, she covered the entire project in clear epoxy resin to protect the beautiful design.

You don’t have to be a chess player to want to own this stunning chessboard