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Everything you know is a lie. We hate to be so dramatic when after seeing this video, we can come to no other conclusion. When people have lavish outdoor weddings, we get so swept up in the natural grandeur, we might not ponder the mechanics of how they went about making their day so perfect and flawless. Once you had a moment to reflect, you might think: Gosh how did they get that insane balloon arch? Or even: In the bright sunlight, wouldn't a cake melt?

Well, thanks to @thesugarscoop, we can definitely answer that last question. The bakery, known for their elaborate and gorgeous wedding cake designs, lifted the curtain to show off how they accomplish such a feat and truly it a a genius move.

That's right ya'll the cake is freaking fake. And no one will know because they cut out a section filled with the real cake so the couple knows exactly where to slice for the cake cutting part of the ceremony. 

The entire mock cake is covered in floral icing artistry and "sealed up" with icing so no one suspects a thing. And the baker commented that she even makes a special mark so couples know where to cut. Guests will see the cake rolled away and be served from a sheet cake and no one is the wiser. What a cool trick for a special outdoor event.