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Texas Woman Usese Socks to Paint Gorgeous Floral Mural

It’s extremely cute and unconventional.

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For many amazingly talented artists and creatives, they have the ability to go beyond what meets the eyes and see past surface level. Because of this, they often come up with unique ways to express their talents rather that’s through using foam to create cool wall art or using vintage vinyl records to create shelves.

Then there are some artists, such as TikTok user @tishaaragon who use socks to create her art. It’s definitely different and the results are amazing!


We had no idea she would be able to create this beautiful floral mural using actual socks that are worn on our feet! She mentions that socks are her best friend and as you can see in the video, that must be true because she is highly skilled at painting with them. We love how natural and effortless it looks and how she tied all the colorful flowers together by adding the black paint to the mural as well simply because it made everything pop and stand out even more.

Unsurprisingly, her followers and viewers loved her unique approach to creating this stunning floral mural and we definitely get it. Who knew socks could be used to create such beautiful art?!