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Using Repurposed Material, Herbalist Makes the Cutest Flower Drying Rack

It’s perfect for flowers and herbs!

There is just something special about taking old items and repurposing them into something new, especially if that something new is also useful!

So when we came across this video of a TikTok creator turning old scrap items into a cool, and cute, flower drying rack we knew immediately that we wanted to share it with everyone.


What exactly does HerbalHannah use to create her drying racks? Well, she starts off with circular sewing or quilting hoops (big ones for this to work), and a thrifted lace tablecloth. She lays the two hoops down then stretches the lace over the top of it before using the second side of each hoop to keep the lace in place.

Cutting a straight line down the middle leaves Hannah with two hoops and lace before she trims the excess down to make everything look a little more nice and neat. With the addition of some thin chain on three sides, the two become connected with one another, the lower hoop hanging from the top, which has more chain added to hang it up from somewhere.

Hanging it from the ceiling, Hannah really shows us how well everything came together, and how perfectly it fits with her home’s aesthetics. Once hung up she recommends either laying herbs and flowers out to try on the stretched out lace, or you could even hang sprigs from around the two sides and allow them to hang down and dry that way.

And while we can see how perfect this is for its intended purpose, we can’t help but also imagine how well it can be used for other things, such as a display piece or even a shelf (if you have everything sturdy enough!) Imagine this diy in your own home, displaying picture frames or small knick-nacks!