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Woman Scores ‘Flower Frog’ At Thrift Store and Now We Desperately Want One

Scratch that-need one.

Okay, I will admit it. When I first heard the term ‘flower frog’, I was picturing something more like a ceramic frog, painted in pretty colors, that sits watch over your garden. Essentially, I was thinking garden gnome, but as a frog. But much to my surprise, a flower frog is something far different as well as far more useful. Think more flower arrangements, less slimy green hoppy creature.


Sarahli ( over on TikTok) is the creator who introduced the flower frog to me. At first, I was very confused by her video, which showed a beautiful brass-looking bowl with a lovely grill on top. I had to ‘hop’ on over to Google and look up a flower frog which, much to my surprise, was actually a mechanism used for flower arrangements. The bowl is there to hold water, while the grill holds the flower stems up. This set-up allows for even the most difficult flowers to be arranged, keeping them in place either in a vase or displayed on its own.

I also absolutely love what Sarahli did with her newly thrifted flower frog. She arranges some beautiful white flowers in the ‘frog’, then puts the entire thing in a larger brown bowl which helps bring out both the brighter colors of the flowers as well as the subtle brass undertones of the flower frog. She also mentions that these flower frogs come in many different sizes, shapes, and even materials, making them very useful and adaptable no matter what kind of decor you have or what arrangement you are putting together.

What I also appreciate is the many ways that commenters are suggesting using these flower frogs. One says that her mother once used a flower frog to put potpourri in, while another says she thought it was supposed to be used for incense. I think that is one of the things I like best about craft and thrift related TikToks; the surprising multitude of ways that thrifted items can be used is astounding!