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Woman Creates Stunning ‘Flower Wall’ Out of Chicken Wire and Faux Flowers

Her vision is gorgeous

Now that summer is officially here and wedding season is in full swing, we’re seeing an abundance of beautiful and bright floral arrangements all over social media and we’re absolutely here for it.

Gorgeous head crowns, beautiful chandeliers and even tattoos only make up some of the DIYs we’ve seen created with the help of flowers. Recently, we came across this stunning flower wall arch made by TikTok user @rawan_art.and.craft and we’re amazed — it’s absolutely stunning! See for yourself:


This is the second time we’ve seen someone use chicken wire to bring a creative project together and we’re impressed! This floral wall is beautiful and will make a lovely décor piece to both weddings and baby showers. Adding some lights to the it will be a nice touch that may not be needed, but will make it even more gorgeous.

Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts about this stunning DIY. “Absolutely beautiful! I agree adding lighting through the wire would set it off. But still beautiful just like that!” @lizmartinzini wrote. “Spray with peppermint to keep the spiders away, it’s beautiful!” @dee_pimpin commented. “So adorable, you should put a white led under the right side of it!” @kandaceginger shared.

We love this DIY! Would you try it?