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This Simple Flower Transformed Little Girl’s Room

So much cuter than wallpaper.

As parents, we try to do as much as we can for our kids to make them happy. This means we try to make it to their games as much as possible, make their favorite dinner, play dress up with them — seriously, we sometimes go to no ends to ensure our child’s happiness; even if that means putting in a little extra work to do so.

Such is the case with this Texas parent and TikTok content creator @heykailymae. Her daughter wanted floral wallpaper and rather than spend a ton of money on the exact wallpaper, she saved some money and amazingly painted the design on the wall herself!


As seen in the video that’s already garnered over two million views, her daughter wanted pink flower wallpaper in her bedroom, but because she couldn’t bring herself to put such a hefty dent in her wallet, she decided to hand paint the pretty pink flowers onto the wall herself using Valspar paint and it turned out so cute!

What we especially love about her DIY is that she did the beautiful design on her own, which is even more special because rather than spend a ton of money, she saved a lot and poured her own love and creativity into the DIY wallpaper and it came out amazing. We’re sure her daughter loves how it turned it out!